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Date: 2018.4.16        Author: Admin

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Simple to use WEB application to manage on-line your appointments requests.

The application is created to manage appointments to your working place or working places. Suitable for medical doctors, lawyers and others that have an office or more and a working schedule.

Integrated with WEBD.COM web builder and hosting platform.

Set up the application:

1. Navigate to

    Log in with your WEBDO user account.
    The management application will create the database for you.
    Follow the help pages here to properly configure the application.

2. Using the WEBBUILDER create a new website starting with a template that has the appointments application embedded, one from next list:

  •  Medical - New Medical Website - 1
  •  Medical - New Medical Website - 2
  •  Medical - New Medical Website - 3

3. Open the "appointment" webpage in webbuilder and edit the application section using <> icon button.

    Replace the appkey variable text with the KEY from appointment configuration application - database settings key.

That it. Enjoy!

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